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CLOSED-Fall Break
From Monday 28 September 2020
To Saturday 03 October 2020
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Martial Artistry Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Wushu will be closed for Fall Break (Fifth Week).

Have a great vacation. See you next week!


About Fifth Week:

Martial Artistry works on a four week per month(28 day)schedule. As the calendar months range from in length from 28 days(exactly 4 weeks)to 31 days(4 weeks and 3 days)in length, our “months” gradually get more and more out of synch.  To help remedy this situation and bring the school calendar back in line with the regular calendar -- as well as to give our hard-working instructors a much deserved break! -- Martial Artistry closes for one week every three months.This does not affect the 4 weeks paid for by a month’s tuition – those 4 weeks are still received.Hence the term “Fifth Week”.

Fifth Week will ALWAYS be held during the same calendar months each year, occurring at the end of every month that isevenly divisible by 3– that is, every March(3rd month), every June(6th month), every September(9th month)and every December(12th month).

Watch ourFacebook Pagefor posts on when instructors will be opening the school for unsupervisedpractice. Those students who are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent for unsupervised practice.