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Martial Artistry Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Wushu

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Albuquerque best kung fu instructors 2017

The instructors for our 2017 kung fu classes in Albuquerque will make sure you get individual attention.

The best martial arts instructors train for a lifetime, and throughout their tenure ours remain enrolled in Martial Artistry's Instructor Certification Program, ensuring that their training is continuous and remains current.  The minimum level of commitment to this program involves roughly 5 hours of wushu, kung fu and martial arts instructors training each week - including training in educational theory.  Many of these instructors opt in for even more training, and most Martial Artistry instructors have already logged hundreds of hours honing their skills, perfecting their teaching methods and developing excellent student rapport.


kung fu drunken boxing karate Albuquerque Dani Juares

Instructor's Aide Dani Juares trains in Shaolin kung fu drunken boxing.

Using our unique one-on-one training method, these ladies and gentlemen are infinitely qualified to help you progress at your own personal pace -- the pace that is most beneficial to YOUR body, YOUR mind and YOUR abilities.


Sifu Kayne Shaolin kung fu karate classes Albuquerque

 Shifu Kayne has trained in China with such notables as Shaolin senior monk Shi De Cheng, and the women's head coach for the Beijing Wushu Team.


Come and experience what a wonderful difference our supportive family atmosphere and knowledgeable instructors can make in your training!  With a $50 New Student Special that includes a month of lessons and a free uniform - all with no strings attached - now is the perfect time to try.

And now, let's meet our Albuquerque Martial Artistry instructors!

Instructor Qiu Yan:

Qiu Yan kung fu karate snake fist style Albuquerque

 Ms. Qiu in a kung fu Southern snake fist posture 


A native of Shanghai, China, Ms. Qiu now lives in the USA with her son Yaoting.  Ms. Qiu has been teaching in Albuquerque since 2006. 


Shaolin temple kung fu weapon battle Albuquerque karate

 Ms. Qiu performs a duilian, or kung fu fighting set, with her family.


Ms. Qiu is also a long-time member of Steel Phoenix, Martial Artistry's kung fu exhibition team.  Along with lion dancing and dragon dancing, Ms. Qiu has performed on stage in various venues with war fan (武扇wu shan), double-head spear (双头枪 — shuangtou qiang), northern tiger boxing (虎拳 — bei hu quan), broadsword ( — dao shu), double war fan (双武扇 shuang wu shan), long fist (chang quan), flag dancing, assault blade (朴刀 — pudao), whip chain (節鞭 — jie bian), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan) vs. snake fist (shequanfighting set (对练— duilian), dragon style (龙拳long quan) and Shaolin kung fu (少林), among others.


Qiu Yan kung fu karate classes Albuquerque

Ms. Qiu with nandao, or Southern broadsword, a well known kung fu weapon.


Along with her demanding teaching schedule, coaching kung fu and wushu classes for both adults and children, Ms. Qiu also appears in Martial Artistry/Bad Squirrel Productions full-length feature film, House of Flying Squirrels as the ferocious Tiger Mom.


Instructor Ed McGinnis

Ed McGinnis Albuquerque karate kung fu martial arts classes

Ed McGinnis with the kung fu weapons, shuang kandao.


Years ago, Mr. McGinnis first applied to the Martial Artistry Instructor's Program because he wanted to help other students accomplish their kung fu training goals. We're happy to say he continues to do so to this day, teaching the Tuesday-Thursday martial arts classes for kids age 4-8, as well as the wushu classes for children and adults. He is the Head Instructor for the Saturday kung fu classes as well.


Ed McGinnis double broadsword karate Shaolin kung fu

Mr. McGinnis with wushu double broadsword.


Married to fellow Martial Artistry student Natasha, Ed works as an Automotive Technician while he finishes his Master's degree in management.


Ed Natasha McGinnis ghost head knife karate

Martial arts instructor Ed McGinnis with his wife, Natasha, who also trains in kung fu.


Mr. McGinnis has trained in spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), Shaolin kung fu (少林), Shantung Shaolin kung fu (少林), dragon style (龙拳long quan), war fan (武扇wu shan), cannon fist ( paoquan), long fist (chang quan), broadsword ( — dao shu), Northern tiger boxing (虎拳 — bei hu quan), double daggers (双匕首 — shuang bishou), and is currently training in double-head spear (四云双头枪 — Shuangtou Qiang), while his wife trains in Northern White Dragon kung fu.

Ed McGinnis has also appeared with Steel Phoenix in 2014 with wushu broadsword, in 2015 with Shaolin kung fu double head spear and saber forms, and in 2016 with three section staff during our Lunar New Year celebration in Albuquerque.


Albuquerque kung fu karate double head spear Ed McGinnis


Both Ed and Natasha appear in the movie, HOUSE OF FLYING SQUIRRELS, Ed as the Abbott of the Jade Fender Temple & Automotive Maintainence, and Natasha as the evil spy, Natasha Badenov. When not taking or teaching martial arts classes, Ed also enjoys off-roading, playing with his two rescue huskies and watching football.


Instructor Lydia Eggert

Lydia Eggert Albuquerque karate kung fu martial arts classes

 Though she has studied other Chinese weapons, Ms. Eggert is probably best known for her kung fu bullwhip form.


Her martial arts grace may enchant the eye, but it is Ms. Eggert's gentle heart that makes her a favorite of so many students. On Monday and Wednesday, Ms. Eggert teaches the the Little Dragons martial arts classes, as well as the kung fu classes for adults and children.


kung fu karate wind and fire wheels Lydia Eggert Albuquerque martial arts

Ms. Eggert instructs adults and kids martial arts on Mondays and Wednesdays in Albuquerque.


Ms. Eggert's demanding schedule not only includes teaching Albuquerque kung fu classes, she also works at a car dealership and is a real estate broker. She currently trains in Northern tiger boxing (虎拳 — bei hu quan), spirit whip (神鞭shen bian) and straight sword (jian shu) at Martial Artistry. Other styles in which Ms. Eggert has trained include spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), Shantung Shaolin kung fu (山东少林), long fist (chang quan), broadsword ( — dao shu), Shaolin kung fu (少林), war fan (武扇wu shan), and cannon fist ( paoquan).   Be sure to check out her 2014 CNY performance with Steel Phoenix, featuring her dragon style (龙拳long quan)and spirit whip (神鞭— shen bian)forms.


Lydia Eggert teaches kung fu classes in Albuquerque. Here, she's shown with a straight sword.

Lydia also appeared in the Martial Artistry Movie Stunt Class film, HOUSE OF FLYING SQUIRRELS as Slow Lotus, a rather confused concubine with enchanted hair ribbons.



Instructor Randy Lantz

karate kung fu Albuquerque hook swords Randy Lantz

Randy Lantz with kung fu hook swords.


Mr. Lantz is a retired television director, who still works occasionally in the field. Along with teaching martial arts classes in Albuquerque, he enjoys backpacking, skiing, hiking, and scuba diving — in which he holds a Dive Master rating. He is often accompanied during his frequent outdoor adventures by his two rescued golden retrievers, Jaden and Sophie.


Randy Lantz kung fu double head spear Albuquerque karate classes

Randy Lantz has trained in kung fu double head spear, as well as other Chinese martial arts weapons.


Randy's positive attitude and ready smile make him a favorite with his students and fellow instructors alike. He has performed with the internationally known Steel Phoenix martial arts demonstration team, where his 2014 Lunar New Year performances included both long fist (chang quan) and a dramatic (and hilarious) broadsword fighting set (对练dao duilian).


Randy Lantz double daggers kung fu karate Albuquerque martial arts

Mr. Lantz with wushu double daggers.


Mr. Lantz's training includes spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), Shantung Shaolin kung fu (山东少林), long fist (chang quan), tiger boxing (虎拳 — hu quan), cannon fist ( paoquan), Shaolin kung fu (少林), war fan (武扇wu shan), dragon fist (龙拳long quan), and tiger boxing (虎拳 — bei hu quan), double daggers (双匕首 — shuang bishou), double-head spear (双头枪 — shuangtou qiang) and staff fighting set (对练gun duilian). He also had great fun playing the Tai Shu Master in the Bad Squirrel Productions/Martial Artistry full-length feature film HOUSE OF FLYING SQUIRRELS.



Assistant Instructor George Bennett

George Bennett Albuquerque karate classes


George Bennett, infantry squad leader in the National Guard, looked at a number of schools before deciding that Martial Artistry was the best martial arts school for his (then) eight year old son, citing the friendly and professional atmosphere. Before long, he decided that "the instruction was perfect for any skill or fitness level" and he enrolled as well.


Albuquerque kung fu karate axes sword stick George Bennett 1024


George assists in the Tuesday and Thursday martial arts classes for adults and children. His own kung fu studies currently focus on Dao Yi  (刀一  — Broadsword One) and Gunshu (术 —  staff).


George Bennett kung fu karate classes Albuquerque


Other styles Mr. Bennett has studied include praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), war fan (武扇— wu shan), Shaolin kung fu (少林), a straight sword vs. straight sword fighting set (对练— duilian), and spring leg (弹腿— tan tui).



Assistant Instructor Monique Renee Curley

Monique Renee Curley Cordova martial arts Albuquerque kung fu

Monique Renee Curley with double long tassel straight swords


An instructor for our Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday martial arts classes for children and adults, Monique Renee Curley currently trains in Nan Dao  南刀  (Southern broadsword), double straight sword (双剑 — shuang jian), and wind and fire wheels (风火轮 — feng huo lun), the latter two of which she will perform at our 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration.


Monique Renee Cordova Curley martial arts classes Albuquerque


Ms. Curley's kung fu training also includes tumbling fist or turning over boxing (翻子拳 — fanziquan), straight sword (剑术— jian shu), open hand fighting sets (对练 — duilian), Southern snake fist (南蛇拳 — nan shequan), mandarin duck knives (鴛鴦銳 — yuan yang rui), long tassel straight sword (长穗双剑 — chang sui jian), staff (棍术— gunshu), southern boxing (南拳 — nanquan), double-head spear (双头枪 — shuangtou qiang), double daggers (双匕首 — shuang bishou), tiger boxing (北虎拳 — hu quan), broadsword (刀术 — dao shu), long fist (长拳 — chang quan), dragon fist (龙拳 — long quan), Shantung Shaolin kung fu (山东少林功夫), war fan (武扇 — war fan), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), spring leg (弹腿 — tan tui), and Shaolin kung fu (少林功夫).

Her other hobbies include cosplay, in which all those martial arts skills often come in handy.


Albuquerque karate cosplay Monique Curley

 Assistant Instructor Keith Weber



Keith Weber enjoys teaching and assisting in martial arts classes


Having finished his studies in Spring Leg (弹腿— tan tui), Mr. Weber currently trains in Shaolin kung fu (少林功夫), and assists in the 6:00pm Tuesday and Thursday Little Dragon's martial arts classes for young children, as well as the adult and children's group classes on those days.


IMG 1951 bowling minion team


Keith is also on the Martial Artistry bowling team, with Randy Lantz, Ellie Wilson and Dusty Brooks, which is why our trophy wall has lately begun to sprout bowling pins and minions, to go with all those 6' tall trophies and gold medals.


Assistant Instructor Ellie Wilson


Ellie Wilson Shaolin kung fu classes Albuquerque

 Ellie Wilson with kung fu broadsword.


Ms. Wilson joined the wushu instructor team in 2011 and helps teach the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday martial arts classes for adults and children.  She is an actor by passion and profession and enjoys a wide range of interests, from the Society for Creative Anachronism to skiing to saving the galaxy -- with the aid of her trusty X-box, of course! 

Ellie Wilson dragon kung fu best Albuquerque martial arts karate

Dragon is one of the traditional animals of 5-animal Shaolin kung fu.


Ms. Wilson currently studies Northern tiger boxing (虎拳 — bei hu quan)at Martial Artistry. She has also studied a number of other kung fu styles, among them broadsword ( — dao shu)dragon style (龙拳— long quan), staff (— gunshu)long fist (拳 chang quan), spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), Shantung Shaolin kung fu (山东少林), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), war fan (武扇— wu shan), and Shaolin kung fu (少林), as well as fighting sets (对练— duilian), including some costumed sets with lightsaber.  In her appearance in the film House of Flying Squirrelsshe playedRilo'a, Queen of the Amazons.


Assistant Instructor Dorothy Stender

Dorothy Stender kung fu 9 teeth hook swords karate Albuquerque

Dorothy Stender with kung fu nine-teeth hook swords.


Ms. Stender is the proud matriarch of three generations of Martial Artistry students: The Stender, Ma and Hayden families. An outgoing people person and never-ending font of enthusiasm, Ms. Stender organizes everything from reconstruction of guardian lions, to T-shirt drives, to our annual school photo and Lunar New Year events. She currently teaches the Monday and Thursday group kung fu classes in here in Albuquerque.


Dorothy Stender Albuquerque kung fu karate straight sword

 Ms. Stender enjoys both teaching and continuing her own kung fu training.


Ms. Stender has performed extensively all over New Mexico with Team Steel Phoenix kung fu and wushu exhibition team. She currently studies southern boxing (南拳nanquan) with Martial Artistry, but has also trained in supreme ultimate fist (太極拳— taijiquan), straight sword (— jian shu), double-head spear (双头枪 — shuangtou qiang), spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), double daggers (双匕首 — shuang bishou), Shaolin kung fu (少林), Northern tiger boxing (虎拳 — bei hu quan), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), broadsword ( — dao shu), war fan (武扇wu shan), long fist (chang quan), Shantung Shaolin kung fu (山东少林), dragon style (龙拳long quan) and cannon fist ( paoquan).


Dorothy Stender martial arts karate classes Albuquerque

Dorothy Stender has trained in wushu double head spear, among other weapons of kung fu.


She also played the part of Grumpy Tai-Tai in the martial arts movie spoof House of Flying Squirrels.


Assistant Instructor Julie Gaschler

Albuquerque kung fu double head spear Julie Gaschler

Julie Gaschler with the Chinese kung fu weapon, double head spear.


After a hiatus for marriage and her first child, Julie Gaschler returned to her Albuquerque kung fu family and quickly spun back up into her training. She teaches kung fu and wushu classes for both children and adults on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and currently studies Shuang Bishou  双匕首  (Double Daggers) with Martial Artistry.

Ms. Gaschler's other martial arts studies include Shantung Shaolin kung fu (山东少林), long fist (拳 chang quan), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), broadsword ( — dao shu), spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), Shaolin kung fu (少林), war fan (武扇— wu shan) and dragon fist (龙拳— long quan). 



Assistant Instructor KJ McIver

KJ McIver kung fu Albuquerque New Mexico

KJ McIver


Mr. McIver currently trains in Shandong (Shantung) Shaolin 少林. He has also studied spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), war fan (武扇— wu shan), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan) and Shaolin kung fu (少林).  He assists in the group wushu and kung fu classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.



Instructor's Aide Saskia King

Saskia King karate for kids Albuquerque martial arts

 Saskia King assists in the martial art for kids classes in Albuquerque


As often happens, it was Ms. King's children who started taking martial arts classes first. Then, before they knew it, the whole family was involved. When she's not pursuing her own training in Shaolin kung fu (少林) and spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), Saskia assists in the Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm Little Dragons martial arts classes for kids. When not at Martial Artistry, Saskia King is a nuclear engineer at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, NM. She also enjoys golf, cycling, softball, and reading. Ms King has been an instructor since November of 2015.


Keeping up with the kids can be tricky when they're kung fu masters!



Instructor's Aide Ivana Georgievova

GEORGIEVOVA Ivana albuquerque kung fu unicorn horn knives

Ivana Georgievova wields her favorite Chinese kung fu weapons, the unicorn horn knives.


Born in the heart of Bohemia, Ms. Georgievova is blessed with a free mind and an open heart. It was in her teens that she felt drawn to a career in medicine, which led to her earning a Bachelor's degree in nursing. Her exposure to the physical and emotional suffering of her patients inspired her to a commitement to healing pain in others. Upon her arrival in the US, Ivana embarked on a mission to study alternative methods of healing.

When not training in wushu, she enjoys skiing, ice skating, and horseback riding. Ms. Georgievova assists in the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Little Dragons children's martial arts classes for ages 4-8. She joined the Martial Artistry Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Wushu instructor team in January of 2017.


Ivana currently trains in spring leg (弹腿— tan tui).



Instructor's Aide Christina Maze

Christina Maze karate classes Albuquerque kung fu martial arts

Ms. Maze (left, with unicorn horn knives) and her kung fu sister, Jennifer Sanfilipo.


Ms. Maze assists in the 5:30pm Monday and Wednesday Little Dragon's martial arts classes for kids age 4-8, and currently studies Shaolin kung fu (少林) andspring leg (弹腿— tan tui). She joined the instructors group in February of 2015.

karate kids meet kung fu mom Christina Maze


As you can see, Ms. Maze does not hesitate to use her kung fu powers to keep her kids in line.

(Just kidding. Christina doesn't get to learn how to throw a fireball for two more color ranks.)



 Instructor's Aide Todd Coffey

Albuquerque kung fu instructor Todd Coffey wields the Chinese pudao. The Chinese martial arts are noted for their vast array of weaponry, unlike karate or tae kwon do, which have but few.

Todd Coffey with pudao


Returning from hiatus after adding another family member to the Coffey Clan, Todd finally took the plunge and joined our instructor team. He teaches the Tuesday and Thursday Little Dragons class young children and is currently studying long fist (拳 chang quan), and a staff fighting set (对练— gun duilianat Martial Artistry. His daughter and son also train in kung fu at the Albuquerque school.


Todd Coffey kids karate classes Albuquerque

Todd Coffey teaches the kung fu class for kids age 4 and over.


Todd's martial arts training includes double-head spear (双头枪 — shuangtou qiang), spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), Shaolin kung fu (少林), war fan (武扇— war fan), dragon fist (龙拳— long quan), broadsword ( — dao shu), double daggers (双匕首 — shuang bishou), broadsword fighting set (对练— dao duilian), tiger boxing (虎拳 — hu quan), long fist (拳 chang quan), Shantung Shaolin kung fu (山东少林), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), and double broadsword (双刀 — shuang dao). 

Mr. Coffey performs with Martial Artistry's Team Steel Phoenix, our kung fu and wushu exhibition team, and appears with his daughter Silvia in the kung fu movie spoof HOUSE OF FLYING SQUIRRELS as the evil Mad Scientist Dr. Yes. 


  Assistant Instructor Dani Juares

Dani Juares kung fu drunken boxing Albuquerque NM

Albuquerque's Dani Juares specializes in kung fu drunken style, and has learned several routines.


Dani Juares specializes in drunken kung fu (醉拳— zuiquan) and currently assists in the Monday through Thursday kung fu classes for children 4-8.


Dani Edi Juares drunken boxing kung fu Albuquerque

Dani (left) and Edi (right), the kung fu twins of Albuquerque.


He and his twin brother Edi joined the Martial Artistry Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Wushu instructor's team together, and in addition to their kung fu and wushu studies — currently double head spear (头枪 — shuangtou qiang)  — they enjoy training in other martial arts such as wing chun and capoeira, with a little extra help from Sifu on the latter for some of the more difficult gymnastic-type moves.


Dani Juares drunken kung fu boxing style Albuquerque


Mr. Juares has also studied tiger boxing (虎拳 — hu quan), double daggers (双匕首 — shuang bishou),broadsword ( — dao shu), long fist (拳 chang quan), dragon fist (龙拳— long quan), Shantung Shaolin kung fu (山东少林), war fan (武扇— war fan), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), Shaolin kung fu (少林), spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), as well as numerous fighting sets (对练— duilian), such as drunken boxing vs. dragon fist, two man open hand sets, and three man open hand sets, the latter two of which he will perform at our 2016 Chinese New Year celebration.


Assistant Instructor Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang kung fu karate martial arts classes Albuquerque

Kevin Huang


Kevin Huang is an accomplished pianist and composer, who not only earned 2nd place in his age group in the 2013 World Pianist International held at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts (see 3:25), but was also the trombone section leader for two years in the award-winning Clovis High School Marching Band. Give his Soundcloud channel a listen to get a glimpse of his amazing musical talent.

But wait! There's more! Mr. Huang has not only appeared in a major motion picture, The Scorch Trials, he also makes his own films as well, in which a number of our Martial Artistry students and instructors will appear.


Kevin Huang Shaolin kung fu Albuquerque



Kevin assists in the Wednesday 6:45 class and the Saturday 9:00AM class. Mr. Huang's kung fu training includes spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), war fan (武扇— wu shan), Shaolin kung fu (少林), praying mantis boxing (螳螂拳 — Tang Lang Quan), Hung Ga(洪家), and tiger boxing (虎拳 — hu quan). He is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He joined the instructor's group in February of 2015.














Instructor's Aide Danika Bodmer

Danika Bodmer kids karate classes Albuquerque martial arts

Danika Bodmer


Ms. Bodmer assists in the 6:00pm Tuesday and Thursday Little Dragon's martial arts classes for kids age 4-8, and currently studies spring leg (弹腿— tan tui). She joined the instructors group in June of 2016.


Junior Instructor's Aide Connor Bennett

Connor Bennett jedi lightsaber Albuquerque sith 

Connor Bennett assists in the Tuesday and Thursday sessions of the Little Dragons martial arts class for children ages 4-8. He currently trains in Shaolin kung fu (少林), straight sword fighting set (对练— duilian), and spring leg (弹腿— tan tui), the latter two of which he will perform at this year's Chinese Lunar New Year celebration at Martial Artistry.


Junior Instructor's Aide Carley Maze

martial arts kids karate Carley Maze 

A graduate of our Little Dragons martial arts class for ages 4-8, Carley Maze now takes the family kung fu classes and trains in spring leg (弹腿— tan tui). Because of her familiarity with the classes and her rapport with the children, she does a great job assisting in the Monday and Wednesday sessions of the Little Dragons. After all, no one wants to make her angry. You won't like her when she's angry.


Carley Maze ROAR

 Okay. We lied. She's danged cute, even then.