Fun Martial Arts Videos

These are martial arts videos that tickled our funny bones, some from our students, and some by others. Karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, hapkido, wushu, tai chi, kenpo - whatever! Enjoy!


Very Painful Arabian

Learning all those cool kung fu tricks and tumbles often has a very painful price, as student Ben Berling can tell you...



Revenge of the Wu Shoe

A good kung fu sash presentation goes bad when Norman at last takes a stand and tells Jesse Stephens, "Don't tread on me!".



Wushu Rap by M & B Khoo


Enter the Dojo Series

This webseries, filmed in our very own Albuquerque, New Mexico, pokes fun at martial arts with the deadly skill and accuracy of, oh, say a 14th degree black belt that has mastered over 430 styles! Let's face it, if you've spent any length of time in the martial arts community, you've met a "Master Ken". This link takes you to the first episode, but we highly recommend the entire series.



Commercial: House of Flying Laptops

We're betting you'll wushu had one of these laptops.