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DeLao Julian Shaolin kung fu kids karate Albuquerque

Students in the Little Dragons kung fu class learn discipline and courage.


"Greatest Martial Arts school in Albuquerque: My son has been a student at Martial Artistry from the time he was 3 years old. The respect the students learn and the friends they make at this school are outstanding."

(Yahoo 5-star review


Ben Berling Albuquerque karate kung fu training adult

 Ben Berling performs in Albuquerque on the New Mexico State Fair main stage with Martial Artistry's Team Steel Phoenix


I have been training at Martial Artistry since August of 2003, and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. Before I had started my training I had a lot of self-confidence issues that really inhibited my ability to interact in any kind of new social environment. Over the years, my confidence has grown and my physical abilities, which used to be limited, now seem limitless. Because of Sifu Kayne, I had invested a lot of my time and energy into my training, she is a very inspirational, understanding and gentle teacher, whose knowledge and experience seems completely limitless. The environment at Martial Artistry is also quite unique. Rather than being a super intense military-style martial arts school, everyone there is relaxed and learns at their own pace. All of the instructors are very capable and understanding and will even laugh with the students, all the while making sure everyone is getting exactly what they want from their training. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for serious martial arts training, wants to get some excercise or even just wants something to do for a few hours a week. Any and all of these things can be met, and the ability students can reach is completely up to them. I can honestly say that joining and staying with the Martial Artistry family is one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life.

— Ben Berling (Yahoo 5-star review)


Barratt Shelley karate kung fu adult classes Albuquerque

Shelley Barratt


Absolutely love it. Wish I had done this years ago, but, as I've discovered: it's never too late. Sifu and the instructors are motivating, giving personalized instruction, and making it fun. Leading by example, they take great interest in the students' training as well as their own. I cannot wait to see how far I can really go. I see this as a good and healthy challenge, and hopefully a lifelong practice.

— Shelley Barratt (5-star Google+ review)

John Shelnutt karate martial arts Shaolin kung fu classes Albuquerque NM

John Shelnutt - Martial Artistry student in Albuquerque, NM


Wushu family: My wife, 8-year old son, and I all do wushu at this great school. The instruction is the best in the state, the environment is excellent for kids and adults, and the facilities are wonderful. Sifu has created a fun and friendly environment for students of all ages. I am 61, my son is 8, and my wife is 45; we all love Martial Artistry.


— John Shelnutt (Merchant's Circle 5-star review)


 Sherry Riddle praying mantis Albuquerque karate kung fu martial arts classes for adults

"I highly recommend this school for students of all ages."  
— Sherry Riddle

I've been studying wushu at Martial Artistry for over 10 years and greatly appreciate the resulting personal improvements in strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence.  Students receive individualized instruction, allowing each of us to learn at our own pace.  This is significant because it allows students of varying ages, martial arts experience, physical ability, and motivation to progress according to our current capabilities, which also allows for variations by individual.  For instance, a student's schedule, goals, wellness, and focus will change from time to time, and the individualized approach allows for continued instruction, paced according to your current circumstances.  The instructors guide students to facilitate learning and mastering new techniques.  The spotlight attributes that make Martial Artistry a first-class school are the assured physical and mental challenges of learning kung fu and wushu, the consistently outstanding instruction, and the camaraderie among students at all levels.  I highly recommend this school for students of all ages.

— Sherry Riddle (YELP 5-star review)

 Amanda Burroughs kung fu karate classes Albuquerque

"Her (Sifu's) time in China, coupled with her continued learning, passes as spirit to her students that one can always be better with harder work and determination."

—  Amanda Burroughs


What can I say about Martial Artistry. A welcoming family environment that can provide the correct level of training for anyone. 3 year olds to teenagers to students in their 60's all enjoy a fitness experience appropriate to them. As an instructor, I have seen my own skill skyrocket as I enjoyed watching others learn. Hi flying kicks to more traditional forms, Sifu Kayne knows it all. Her time in China coupled with her continued learning passes a spirit to her students that one can always be better with harder work and determination. A very family friendly place, great if you want to work out with your child, a sibling, a half cousin twice removed, you name it and it can work. After 4 1/2 years at Martial Artistry it is with a heavy heart that I leave soon for college out of state, but I know the things I've learned mentally, physically, and morally will endure.


— Amanda Burroughs (5-Star Yahoo review)

 Sean Deane best Albuquerque kung fu karate classes

 Fr. Barney Deane (review below)


I have been a student of Martial Artistry studying under Sifu Kayne for a year and a half. I have studied several forms of martial arts over the years, and out of all of my teachers Sifu Kayne is the master who has it all. Sifu's egoless love and mastery of the art of Wu-Shu (Kung-Fu) has created an optimum learning environment for all ages and ability levels. Master Sifu's school focuses on self mastery and personal best, a discipline which brings out the best Wu-Shu each student has within themselves. Master Sifu has set the standard that all schools should aspire to. Martial Artistry is not only preserving and doing justice to the art of Wu-Shu, but is also futhering the art for future generations through Master Sifu's continual study of the art and impartment of the tradition.

— Fr. Barney Deane (5-star Yahoo review)

 Tatiana Gross Albuquerque karate for kids

A kung fu student of the Albuquerque martial arts class for children aged 4-8


Martial Artistry is a great place for kids. The kids classes have lots of instructors and this excellent student teacher ratio guarantees your child lots of individual attention with very little time waiting for their turn to do an activity. Also kids get the chance to lead class activities for their peers and present in front of the teaching staff to obtain higher sash levels. This is great public performance experience at an early age. My 4 year old has gained confidence, balance, and coordination and loves his time there. Highly recommended.

(5-star Merchant's Circle review of Martial Artistry)

Ashley Wann adult martial arts kung fu training Albuquerque 600

Ashley Wann (review below)


I came to Martial Artistry a scrawny college student with no athletic ability whatsoever. My first day I was scared that I would be made fun of, "snubbed," etc. But I wasn't. Each and every instructor treated me with patience and understanding because they knew that everyone had to start somewhere, and they had been in the same boat before. Students here don't compete with one another; we encourage and support each other. The mirror is for perfecting technique, and for self-critique. I've never felt threatened, and everyone at the school makes mistakes and has to practice to make them right again. No one here thinks themself a prodigy, and each student's talent is reflected in the amount of training they commit to. I have never felt so accepted and comfortable in any other environment. I know after a long day, I can look forward to a good workout without dealing with any of the stigma inherent in the many, many other martial arts schools I visited when looking for the right place for me. We don't spend an hour beating the crud out of each other and undermining each other for some holy grail of martial arts greatness. We go there to learn technique, do some forms, and probably fall on our butt numerous times. It's relaxed, it's fun, it's constructive, and it's the best decision I think I've ever made.

— Ashley Wann (5-star Yahoo review)

 Jesse Tafoya Albuquerque kung fu kids classes 600

 Jesse Tafoya with kung fu three-section staff
(his mother's review appears below)


Rigorous place & great for kids too: I am a parent of a young Martial Artistry student. I have seen his self-esteem and his inner discipline blossom at this school. He is now an athlete, thanks to the careful instruction and opportunity to excel at his own pace. I checked out several schools and disciplines before deciding on Martial Artistry. It is a somewhat informal atmosphere, yet genuinely respectful. The teachers are humble! The trophies on the wall are evidence that gifted students will get what they need. Not-quite-so-gifted students are treated with patience and respect. There is a reason you see more advanced female students there than at many other schools. Everyone is respected and encouraged. It is truly an atmosphere of good values and expert instruction. I highly recommend it.

— Mary Tafoya (5-Star Yahoo review) 

 (by the way, you should see little Jesse now - he's the 2015 Albuquerque MMA fighter of the year!)

 Jonathan Milton kung fu karate Albuquerque martial arts straightsword 600

 Jonathan Milton wields a kung fu straight sword

I have been taking classes here since 2003 and love it.

— Jonathan Milton (5-star Google+ review)

 Lily Jensen karate kung fu martial arts classes Albuquerque

Lily Jensen, daughter of Amberlyn Lopez (review below)


Excellent learning environment, supportive and instructive. My daughter has been going here for seven years and I've been nothing but thrilled with her progress and the staff.


— Amberlyn Lopez (5-star Facebook review)

 Chad Petty martial arts review

Chad Petty (review below)


ABSOLUTELY the best place in Albuquerque to study Martial Arts! I have studied Judo, Kenpo, and attained a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do. I always hit a wall becoming bored and lost interest within the first year. I have been studying Wu Shu (a style of Kung Fu) at Martial Artistry for four years now. I am constantly challenging myself. I can see that no mater how long I study I will always have something to learn. I enjoy learning and learn more through teaching. For the last two years I have been an instructor for our Little Dragons program for 4-8 year olds. The best advice I can give you is to come down and visit Martial Artistry. You will find a great family environment, caring instructors and assistant instructors, and much more.


— Chad Petty (5-star SuperPages review)

Lee Ann Haluska Albuquerque kung fu martial arts classes 600

Lee Ann Haluska (review below)


My husband and I have been at Martial Artistry for almost a year now and we absolutely love it! We are in our 20s and wanted an activity we could share while getting in some good exercise. What we found at Martial Artistry was all that and so much more. The community of students and instructors is phenomenal. Everyone is friendly and helpful. If you really want to learn Wushu, and have fun and feel encouraged along the way, this is the place. :-D. Going to Wushu is something that I look forward to every week!


— Lee Ann Haluska (5-star Google+ review)

 Mica Saville kids karate kung fu classes Albuquerque NM


My 6 year old son has been studying at Martial Artistry for 2 years.  We selected this program over the others we tried out because the student teacher ratio is the best I have ever seen in any kids program and provides for both group experience and one-on-one time during each class.  I enrolled him in the classes with the intention of providing him with a fun physical fitness activity, an opportunity to make friends, and a way to develop his own path in life.  My son has found all of this and more through Marital Artistry's Little Dragons program.  He loves the challenge of learning the martial arts forms and has gained self confidence by achieving these goals.  He is also thriving in the environment that teaches the lessons of respect to others and embracing the efforts of hard work.  Aside from these character building benefits, he is developing a wide array of fine and gross motor skills including balance, agility, strength, flexibility, and attention to detail.  If you could see the smile on his face when he earned his most recent sash, you would sign your kids up right now.


— Local Mom S. (5-star YELP review)

 Daniel Robson kung fu karate martial arts classes Albuquerque New Mexico

 Daniel Robson (review below)


I started training with Sifu Kayne about 15 years ago and learned quite a lot from her for a little over 3 years before some life changes happened and I was unable to continue classes. A couple of years ago I sought her out again when my children began expressing an interest in learning martial arts and to my excitement I found she was still in business. There are not a lot of martial arts schools that can stay in business for a long period of time without truly being good schools and this is definitely one of the best. If you are looking for a black belt mill this is probably not the school for you, but if you are looking for a teacher that will expect only your best and only awards a black belt to those who have mastered around a decade of martial arts training with her, then this IS the place for you. If you want to learn a wide variety of weapons styles, want to learn in a family friendly environment, like to laugh, enjoy respectful people, then this is the right place for you.


— Daniel Robson (5-star Yahoo review)

 Ken Gant Albuquerque kung fu martial arts karate classes 600

Ken Gant (review below)


I don't have the experience with other schools and martial arts that many other reviewers here do, but I do know that Martial Artistry and Sifu LaTrans have me hooked. The students are indeed like a family, in a very good way. The more advanced students are always willing to help, the instructors take the time that's needed to help (rather than hurrying the students), and five days a week, Sifu provides individual instruction to each and every student in class. I started a couple of years ago, and while I've learned much, I know there's /always/ more, and I plan to continue at Martial Artistry as long as I'm here and it's here.


— Ken Gant (5-Star SuperPages review)

karate classes Albuquerque April Dawn Duncan kung fu martial arts

 April Dawn Duncan (review below)


I have studied under Sifu La Trans from even before she started her own school and have faithfully and gladly followed her throughout the years. Her respectful attitude, broad and deep knowledge and experience of the martial arts, strong work ethic, and wry sense of humor combine to make her an earnest, knowledgeable, capable, rigorous, dynamic, and unique teacher. Likewise, Martial Artistry is a school unlike any other. With no down time, useful and practical practice, one on one work both with instructors and Sifu La Trans herself, and careful attention to details, this school fills all the holes many schools are riddled with. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive and invites you to take risks and push yourself without fear of rejection. 

Whether you are young or old, athletic or just finding your inner martial artist, this school caters to all levels of ability and interest. Martial Artistry is truly a large family of those interested in the Martial Arts. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

— April Dawn Duncan (5-Star YELP review)

 kung fu karate classes Albuquerque martial arts Danielle Stender 600

 Albuquerque Martial Artistry student Danielle Hayden with kung fu double warfan


I have always enjoyed the martial arts, Karate, Aikido and the like. But when i came to Martial Artistry i got the training I had desired for so long. I have attended this school for almost 3 years now and I have to say, I love it here. This is where i want to be during all of my free time. Having been there a while I found that Sifu Kayne has constructed a brilliant school. The space is very large, the ceiling high (so as to practice weapons like staff and spear) and the environment is a very kind one. The instructors are patient and very nice with new students as well as older ones. All in all, I cannot find anything wrong with this school. No one is ever turned away, unless they are asking for something that Sifu Kayne does not teach, in which case, she is pointing them in the direction they wish to go to find what they are looking for. Martial Artistry is a great school!


— (5-Star Yahoo review)

Joel McIntosh kung fu karate classes Albuquerque 600

 Joel McIntosh performs kung fu with Martial Artistry at the New Mexico State Fair


I began learning kung fu with Martial Artistry several years ago. From the beginning, I liked the fact that each student had the opportunity to get as much or as little out of the classes as they chose. There was no option to “buy” the black sash level. I trusted the instructor’s ability since the school contains dozens of trophies won by her over the years. When I started, I was very eager to master the basics so that I could learn some of the more beautiful acrobatics that the higher level students exhibited. Like true kung fu, there is a definite balance between discipline and fighting, peace and martial force, and hard and soft styles. Some of my classmates have been to China to witness wushu schools first hand. They have confirmed the accuracy of the kung fu that we learn at Martial Artistry. I recommend this school to anyone who truly wants to learn real kung fu and is willing to challenge themselves to become a true master of this ancient and respected martial style.

— Joel McIntosh (5-Star Yahoo review)

 karate kung fu Albuquerque Gwen Lattimore martial arts 600

Albuquerque martial artist Gwen Lattimore poses with kung fu weapons called shuang kandao. 


As the years keeping adding on (almost 55), I realized I needed ways to maintain (ok, I have to regain) balance and flexibility.  Martial Artistry has been my key to assist in achieving those goals.  I tried numerous gyms, but would quickly get bored - same equipment, same routine.  But at Martial Artistry, there is always something new to learn, and goals to work toward.  I love the class format, wonderful instructors that provide encouragement and  help.  Sifu does an incredible job  of instructing, motivating and encouraging in a superbly professional manner.

While I am a student with more age than the average student, the program is structured so that all can advance and achieve at the level desired, in a very organized, fun environment.

It is fun for me to watch the kids class and see the enthusiasm, self discipline and physical training they are developing - what great skills to cultivate at young ages.

I look forward to many years of training at Martial Artistry - helping me to maintain and improve my health, flexibility, balance, self discipline, and enjoyment of staying active, while learning the beautiful art of Kung Fu.

I recommend Martial Artistry to anyone wanting to participate in an activity that promotes physical activity, conditioning and encompasses the wonderful art of Kung fu teaching respect for self, others and personal growth.

— Ann Hague (5-Star YELP review)

Samson Riddle Shaolin kung fu karate Albuquerque 600 

Samson Riddle with the kung fu weapon called mandarin duck razor.


I looked many places to find the right atmosphere for my son to learn a form of martial arts and Martial Artistry was the right fit for us. They are very professional and patient with the students my son's self esteem has grown tremendously.

— (5-Star SuperPages review)

 Diana Ma Albuquerque martial arts karate kung fu

 Diana Ma with Chinese kung fu straight sword.


I had been out of wushu a couple of years. I decided it was past time to get back into it, so I signed up at Martial Artistry. I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I found was a great bunch of students and instructors that are super friendly, highly knowledgeable in wushu, and overall a great school I'm proud to be a part of. Wushu is an amazing martial art, and Martial Artistry is a great ambassador for this great art. You won't be disappointed if you join!

(5-Star Merchant's Circle review)

 Michael Garcia Albuquerque martial arts karate kung fu 600

Martial arts student Michael Garcia with kung fu three-section staff


My wife, 11-year old son, and I all do wushu at this great school. The instruction is the best in the state, the environment is excellent for kids and adults, and the facilities are wonderful. Sifu has created a fun and friendly environment for students of all ages. We all love Martial Artistry!

(5-Star Google+ review)

 Liz Shiels Albuquerque karate kung fu classes 600

 Liz Shiels demonstrates the grace and power of kung fu double hook swords.


 There are a lot of places to go--and I've shopped it. If you want authentic, good instruction and people who "walk the talk" come here!

— Liz (5-Star Facebook review)

Amir Shirkhorshidian kung fu karate best Albuquerque martial arts school

Martial Artistry student Amir Shirkhorshidian strikes a classical kung fu pose.


I've been taking lessons at this school for four years now.  It's very friendly atmosphere and the knowledge of its instruction staff make it a wonderful place to learn and practice Kung Fu and Wu Shu.  It has many long time students so that's proof that the students are happy!  Many students who have left due to work or going off to college have come back to continue their education in this art.  I highly recommend Martial Artistry!

(5-Star Yellow Pages review)

 Ellie Wilson Albuquerque martial arts best kung fu karate

 Ellie Wilson has trained in dragon, one of the famous five animals of classical kung fu.


I've taken classes in a few martial arts styles but none compare to Martial Artistry. The learning environment is supportive and you can't beat the kind of staggered work out you get. I've lost almost 30 lbs at Martial Artistry since joining the school in January 2011. I enjoy going to class. I love learning wushu. I love Martial Artistry!

- Ellie Wilson (5-Star Yahoo review)

 Brian Baker Albuquerque kung fu karate classes

Brian Baker with kung fu double broadsword.


I have studied at MA for over 10 years and hold a second degree black in taekwondo in addition to my rank at MA.  I feel that my time here has been of more value, as I am at the best shape in my life at age 43.  If learning the martial art showcased in most martial art films is your game while at the same time having fun and meeting great people, then come to MA and give them a chance to show you what a martial arts school should be.

— Brian Baker (5-Star YELP review)

 Natasha McGinnis karate kung fu kick Albuquerque NM 600

Albuquerque Martial Artistry student Natasha McGinnis demonstrates a kung fu side kick.


I've been with this school a number of years and there's nowhere else I'd rather be. The head instructor knows her stuff and genuinely cares about both the martial arts and her students. A great value, and a great place to learn.

(5-Star SuperPages review)

 Landon Ortiz kids karate classes 600

Martial arts classes teach children respect and self-discipline.


The staff is very patient and worked to make sure both of my kids had the kind of attention they needed to succeed.

— (5-Star Merchant Circle Review)

Mark Smith karate Albuquerque kung fu martial arts

Mark Smith with pudao, a Chinese kung fu weapon.


Like every cliche martial arts movie, inner peace comes from studying kung fu. I began searching around and with relentless research I narrowed down my options of schools to attend to about 4 total. After trying a class at each, only one stood out for me, Martial Artistry. The classes were very well planned out. The instructors helpful and friendly,and the general feel of the school is literally unforgettable. I paid tuition with my next paycheck and began taking classes as often as I could. Which ended up being every day of the week sometimes. Another thing I love about my school and Sifu in general is the constant support and help from everyone. I highly recommend coming to this school if you have even an inkling of curiosity in martial arts. Hands down best decision I've made.

— Mark Smith (5-Star Google+ review)

 Emily Lattimore Albuquerque karate school kids

Emily Lattimore with kung fu wind & fire wheels. (Her father's review below)

As someone who has been involved in Martial Arts for 30 years and who is an instructor in Aikido, I found the studio welcoming, the instructors gifted, the students dedicated, and the practice rigorous. Martial Artistry was a great place to bring my children.

— Alan Lattimore (5-Star Facebook review)


 karate Albuquerque martial arts kung fu adult female

 Kung fu training instills strength and determination.


This is a great kung fu school for people of all abilities and ages. Sifu and her instructors are excellent at teaching a challenging, fluid martial art style in a way that honors both the art and the practitioner. Martial Artistry is especially wonderful for its Little Dragons program--it teaches the technique as well as respect and discipline in a fun, honest, active and friendly manner. This school is also WONDERFUL for people new to the martial arts (regardless of age--seriously, if you've even wanted to learn martial arts and just "never got to it"--it is never to late, and this school proves it). Plus, Sifu's wealth of experience in martial arts (not only kungfu/wushu) brings value to those who already have martial arts training. In short, this in an great, unique, welcoming, challenging and honorable school.

— (5-Star Yahoo review)


 Randy Lantz kung fu double head spear Albuquerque karate school

Shuangtou Qiang 头枪 (Double head spear)


I've been studying at this school for over five years.  It's a very friendly place with great instructors!  A great place to learn Kung Fu and wushu.  It's improved my balance, flexibility, reflexes and self-confidence.  I highly recommend!

— Randy L. (5-Star Yelp Review)