2014 Online Scrapbook

Martial Artistry Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Wushu, Albuquerque, NM


Sash Presentations March 29, 2014

Albuquerque martial arts students earn new ranks.

Another fantastic kung fu sash presentation, with seven martial artists earning new ranks.

Dorothy Stender achieved a kung fu purple-black sash for her presentation of a long fist form.

DOROTHY STENDER: Shen Yu Chang Quan  谕长拳  (Oracle Long Fist) - Purple-black sash

Jen Vossen executes a kung fu Northern praying mantis beginner set.

JEN VOSSEN: Xiao Kai Men 开门 (Little Open Gate)- Green-white sash

Sam Grant displays deep stances in a Shaolin kung fu beginner's routine.

SAM GRANT: Xiao Quan    (Little Fist)- Yellow sash

Shelley Barratt presents for her yellow sash.

SHELLEY BARRATT: Xiao Quan    (Little Fist)- Yellow sash

M Saville graduated from the Little Dragons martial arts classes, and will now be in the kids kung fu class.

M. SAVILLE: Xiao Long Qi   龙七(Little Dragon Seven) - White-brown sash

Cole Sharp-Natividad displays his powerful punches.

COLE SHARP-NATIVIDAD: Xiao Long Yi   (Little Dragon One) for White-yellow sash

For such a little guy, Pierce McDowell's kung fu is strong! Gotta love a child with confidence.

PIERCE A. MCDOWELL: Xiao Long Yi   (Little Dragon One) for White-yellow sash

Best of all, there was chocolate! Thanks for the lovely note, Jen.

Even kung fu teachers like to know they are appreciated. Martial arts presentations DO go better with chocolate!


Kung fu dragon logo is coming along. Can't wait for it to be finished! 

Congratulations, students, on an excellent show of wushu skill!




Sash Presentations March 1, 2014

This month's martial arts group really rocked their wushu forms presentations in order to achieve new ranks.

Kung Fu class members earn new sashes and martial arts ranks.

A great job by all our martial artists.

RANDY LANTZ: Nianqing Hu Quan  虎拳 (Young Tiger Boxing)  for Purple sash

Randy Lantz performs tiger kung fu

Tiger boxing is noted for its low, wide stances and powerful, direct strikes.


GEORGE BENNETT: Tan Tui Er  弹腿二  (Spring Leg Two) for Orange-white sash

ZOE VAN NORTWICK: Xiao Tan Tui Er 弹腿二  (Little Spring Leg Two) for Yellow-black sash

Zoe Van Nortwick performs a tan tui. Tan tuis are a series of forms which emphasize blocking, stances, transitions and kicks.

Many wushu styles and systems adapt and use the Tan Tuis  to improve balance, strength, flexibility, focus and fighting skills.


N.D.: Xiao Tan Tui Er 弹腿二  (Little Spring Leg Two) for Yellow-black sash

Northern Shaolin Tan Tui

A common saying among Chinese martial artists is "If your Tán Tuǐ is good, your kung fu will be good."

ANDRES LUCERO: Xiao Long Si   龙四(Little Dragon Four) for White-blue sash

JESSALYN LAM: Xiao Long Er   龙二(Little Dragon Two) for White-orange sash

Jessalyn Lam salutes in for Xiao Long Er, Little Dragon Two

The Little Dragon forms teach our youngest students focus and basic martial arts skills.


VICTORIA MARTINEZ: Xiao Long Er   龙二(Little Dragon Two) for White-orange sash

Victoria Martinez executes a reverse punch in Little Dragon Two.

A reverse punch should be delivered with a sharp snap of the hip. Victoria shows that children develop strength and confidence through kung fu classes.

Congratulations to our newly promoted kung fu students!

13th Annual Chinese New Year Celebration

Year of the Wood Horse - Lunar Year 4712

Chinese lion Fu is beckoned forward to meet the crowd.

Kung fu and wushu thrills abounded during our 13th Annual Chinese New Year celebration in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

(Be sure to watch the video full screen on the High Definition 1080P setting!)

Martial arts in the movies was the unspoken theme this year, with Jedi vs. Sith lightsaber battles,

Caitlyn Rodgers martial arts show backhandsping

cat woman style acrobatics,

Edi and Dani Juares star in a battle between a drunken kung fu master and dragon claw warrior.

dragon claw vs. drunken kung fu combat,

Todd Coffey Randy Lantz kung fu broadsword fight

and wushu sword clashes.

Shaolin kung fu bullwhip, performed by Lydia Eggert at our Chinese New Year celebration.

Whips cracked,

Ed McGinnis broadsword form

broadswords slashed,

The Grey Dragon, Dorothy Stender, wields her double head spear.

staves and spears whirled, all in honor of two of our own brave kung fu warriors currently battling cancer (see dedication at the end of the video).

It's not karate - it's KUNG FU!


Jen Vossen: Kung Lik Kuen
Dorothy Stender: wushu straight sword (jian) and kung fu double head spear
Jonathan Milton: nan quan and Shaolin guan dao (kuan dao)
Silvia: Tan Tui
Jesse Stephens: kung fu war fan
Lydia "Mei-Mei" Eggert: dragon fist and bull whip
Jason Oglesbay: wushu staff
Caitlyn Rodgers: long fist (Chang Quan)
Brian Baker: deer horn knives, rope dart
Randy Lantz: long fist (chang quan), broadsword fight set
Todd Coffey: long fist (chang quan), broadsword fight set
April Dawn Duncan: kung fu war fan, lightsaber fight set
Barbara "Ellie" Wilson: kung fu war fan, lightsaber fight set
Ed McGinnis: wushu broadsword
Edi Juares: kung fu dragon fist vs drunken fight set, whip chain
Dani Juares: drunken fist vs dragon fist fight set, drunken kung fu


January Martial Arts Presentations

Saturday February 1, 2014

2014-2-1 Presentation group web


These beginners rocked their sash presentations to achieve new ranks in kung fu.

ZOE VAN NORTWICK: Xiao Tan Tui Yi   弹腿  (Little Spring Leg One) - Yellow-white sash

N.D.: Xiao Tan Tui Yi   弹腿  (Little Spring Leg One) - Yellow-white sash

RYAN KENNY: Xiao Quan    (Little Fist) - Yellow sash

SANTIAGO MARQUEZ: Xiao Quan    (Little Fist) - Yellow sash

SEAN WEINER: Xiao Long San   龙三(Little Dragon Three) - White-green sash