Albuquerque Martial Artistry Kung Fu and Wushu Videos

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Martial Artistry's Team Steel Phoenix
Since 1997, Martial Artistry's Team Steel Phoenix has put Albuquerque, New Mexico on the martial arts map with a Chinese cultural exhibition that brings the splendor and mystery of the Middle Kingdom to life. During our performances, Chinese lions prance to the pounding of drums and the clash of cymbals and gongs, a 75' dragon cheses the Celestial Pearl of Wisdom through the heavens, and kung fu heroes leap through the air and display their martial prowess in a manner as beautiful to behold as it is deadly in combat.

Movie Madness
We make martial arts movies. Really awful martial arts movies. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll beg us to quit. But, we won't. You'll thank us when suddenly that next Steven Segal direct-to-DVD flick doesn't look nearly so bad.

General Silliness
Martial artists who take themselves too seriously never grow. Pompously puffing themselves up as they try to convince that they are "great masters" they fear to risk looking silly, especially by learning new things. Boooooring... We permit ourselves to fall on our faces (or butts - usually our butts), look silly, trip and slip, fall and fail. By taking risks, we learn the stuff that most martial artists only dream of. And we have fun! Boy, do we have FUN!