Martial Arts Movie Madness

Our kung fu school makes martial arts movies. Really awful martial arts movies. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll beg us to quit. But, we won't. We're mean like that. Besides, you'll thank us when suddenly that next Steven Segal direct-to-DVD flick doesn't look nearly so bad.


full length feature film (1:38:15)

a Bad Squirrel/Martial Artistry Production

If Monty Python's Flying Circus, a geek, and CROUCHING TIGER/HIDDEN DRAGON got tossed into a blender, put into an oven and only half-baked, HOUSE OF FLYING SQUIRRELS might be the result. Nods and inferences to a multitude of nerd-tastic shows, games, books and movies abound, as well as multitude of silly martial arts fight scenes.

This video is best viewed on Youtube in 720P.

The entire 1:38:15 project took 9 months to complete, from conception (consisting of each kung fu student designing their character - often with as little description as, "My character likes to clean" - through the entire writing process, filming and post-production. With the exception of two people, no one on the team had any acting experience, and the single person responsible for all post production had no training or experience (part of the reason the quality is less-than-great on Youtube, which really hated our format and vomits occasionally on our special effects -- which were already "special" enough anyway, tyvm Youtube!).

Almost all the video was shot against a home-made blue or green screen, and the art of chroma-key -- indeed, the entire art of post-production -- was learned mostly on a trial and error basis using Sony Vegas.

The result of this incredible journey had its world premiere at Martial Artistry ( on 2-9-2013 Chinese New Year's Eve. Details of the process are being documented at our Blog at

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(comedy) When the Evil One and her minions set out to take over "ancient China", only the kung fu skills of the Fellowship of the Ping will stand in their way. Will they fulfill the ancient prophecy and save the world, or will the Evil One and her airborne horde defeat them all.

As always, a most special "thank you" to for the soundtrack.

House of Flying Squirrels Vignette Clip

The first thirteen (of an eventual 26) vignettes introducing the characters in Martial Artistry's kung fu flick House of Flying Squirrels. Each of the Movie Stunt Class participants has a major character in the film, and the vignettes give us just the tiniest peek into the personalities of each one. This clip premiered on September 13, 2012, to celebrate 300 "LIKES" on our Martial Artistry Facebook Page.

House of Flying Squirrels is the kung fu film project for our 2012 Martial Arts Movie Stunt Class. The film itself will premier during Martial Artistry's Chinese New Year Celebration, February 2013 at our kung fu and wushu school in Albuquerque, NM. The premier will be open to the public, so if you like karate, kung fu or martial arts in general, keep an eye on our website for details as we get closer to the release date.

Our crew for these clips:

Jackson as Cyborg Samurai
Ellie Wilson as Queen Rilo'a
April Dawn Duncan as Neato
Elaine Compton as Xiao-Xiao
Kuan Ma as Grumpy Asian
Bucky Rhino as Princess Ai Chu
Diana Ma as Chen Wang
Natasha McGinnis as Natasha Badenov
Randy Lantz as Tai Shu Master
Lydia Eggert as Slow Lotus
Todd Coffey as Ninja
Dorothy Stender as Grumpy TaiTai
Cindy Villescas as The Grand Ninja
Father Barney Deane as Ting Yao
Qiu Yan as Tiger Mom
Awesome Camera Peeps: Randy Lantz, Ed McGinnis, Ryan McGowan, Dorothy Stender

House of Flying Squirrels clip: Scene 8 "Fixed!"

HOUSE OF FLYING SQUIRRELS (release date: Chinese New Year 2013) is our first Martial Arts Movie Stunt Class project at Martial Artistry Shaolin Kung Fu & Chinese Wushu in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We're learning film production as we go... and having a blast, of course!

In this clip, Ding Bang, Abbot of the Jade Fender Temple and his disciple, Wen Lo Gai, encounter the evil Femme Fatale, Natasha Badenov.

Our Players:
Ed McGinnis
as The Abbot
Ryan McGowan as Wen Lo Gai
Natasha McGinnis as Natasha Badenov
Camera Crew: Randy Lantz, Dorothy Stender, Kayne Sirocco LaTrans


"House of Flying Squirrels" Clip

With this much cheese, your nachos need never be lonely again! Martial Artistry Shaolin Kung Fu & Chinese Wushu in Albuquerque, New Mexico presents a clip from the film currently being made by the Movie Stunt Class.

"House of Flying Squirrels" is slated to debut at our annual Chinese New Year celebration in 2013. Meanwhile, everyone is learning a lot and having WAY too much silly fun! Really campy, wacky, insane-type fun!

Rilo'a - Ellie Wilson
Neeto - April Dawn Duncan
Ninja 1 - Cindy Villescas
Ninja 2 - Lee Ann Haluska
Cameras: Randy Lantz, Ed McGinnis


"House of Flying Squirrels" Blooper

Dame Squirrely Dench (as "M") loses her professional cool when Cindy Villescas (as the Grand Ninja) blows her pronunciation of another characters name. From the upcoming film, "House of Flying Squirrels", being made by our 2012 Movie Stunt Class. Yes, it's true. We have way too much fun here.



James "Sparky" Esparza

A 10 Year Retrospective

Somehow - admittedly off and on - we actually put up with him for a decade, until his caffeine-addled  brain could no longer resist  the siren song of Starbucks. Sparky‚Äôs in Seattle now, home of coffee and rain, rain and yet more rain, but we put together this 10 year retrospective before we bid him a fond farewell.